The Benefits of an Attorney Without the Cost

Guidance through the important steps of the divorce process, thorough document review prior to filing, and insight to help you avoid pitfalls now and down the road. >Learn More
There is no "one size fits all" divorce method. Because every divorce is unique, we provide you with the necessary documents and forms that are tailored for YOUR case. >Learn More
You will have the chance to tell YOUR story to an experienced and qualified attorney who understands the laws and procedures of your state. >Learn More
While some divorces are more complex than others, one of our goals is to dispel the myth that every divorce costs thousands of dollars and takes several years to complete. At DIY Divorce, we have found a way to give you the same confidence and protection that comes from hiring an attorney, at a fraction of the cost. >Learn More
The last thing anyone wants after a divorce is to return to court. However, now familiar with you and your case, we will be ready to enforce and modify your divorce decree and help with other legal issues in the future. >Learn More